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As one of the biggest travel companies in Hanoi, Hanoitourist Travel is now considered a core member of the Hanoitourist Corporation, the pride of the city’s tourism industry.
Independently posted, Hanoitourist Travel Company has been developing in terms of both turnover and product quality, achieving good results in all competitions judged by the Vietnam Tourism Administration and appropriate authorities. Especially, successively in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, the Company was granted the title “Top Ten International Travel” by the Vietnam Tourism Administration, the most honorable title for a travel company in Vietnam. The company continuously ranks first in terms of the sale of air tickets issued by the Vietnam Airlines in the North area from 1998 through to present. Besides, the Company also is member of many associations and Club, such as: Pacific Asia Tourism Association PATA; PATA – Vietnam Chapter; Vietnam Tourism Association VITA; USA Tourism Association ASTA; Club of Travel Firms in China Market and is Chairman of Club of Travel Firms getting Chinese tourist into Vietnam by road through the gate Huu Nghi - Lang Son.
Hanoitourist building address 18 Ly Thuong Kiet street, HaNoi, VietNam

Doing business dynamically, keeping a close eye on the market so as to draft a reasonable product policy in order to meet customers’needs, Hanoitourist Travel Company has so far become a professional organizer with a system of tours covering every corner of the country and important markets in the world. Served by Hanoitourist Travel Company, international tourists in Vietnam can’t only enjoy the beauty of the country but also have a chance to discover the cultural characters of every region and community and their unique customs. In addition, the system of international tours organized by the Company has also become familiar to national customers. Through Hanoitourist Travel Company, customers can easily access distant lands such as: Egypt, South Africa, Russia, USA, Europe and surrouding countries like China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

With the motto “Prestige – Quality”, Hanoitourist Travel Company is prepared to be a loyal and enthusiastic companion of customers in every step of the road discovering the surrounding world./.
Let's choose Hanoitourist to travel Hanoi and VietNam.jpg
Let's choose Hanoitourist to travel Hanoi and VietNam

Hanoitourist event in Sofitel Legend Metropole 2014.jpg
Hanoitourist event in Sofitel Legend Metropole 2014

Hanoitourist  Top 10 Biggest Travel agency in Vietnam

Hanoitourist  Top 10 Biggest Travel agency in Vietnam

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Hanoitourist oppening a new product  every year

Hanoitourist oppening a new product  every year

Hanoitourist sign to contract develope Travelling area with Gyeonggi, Korea 


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